A Little About Me

The girl behind the lens…

This is a self portrait that I took for one of my photo challenge posts.

Hi..I’m Kristi. I am a recent graduate of Indiana University Bloomington with a degree in Elementary Education.  I’m one of those 20-somethings who is just figuring out what to do in life.

Some of my interests include listening to music, teaching, traveling, family and friends, crafts, and photography. I’ve always been fascinated by photography and amazed at photos other people have taken. I got my first DSLR in Summer ’11 and am just starting to get used to it. I’m a beginner in the world of photography so any advice/tips you have would be greatly appreciated!


Everyone has their own perspective of their world. I choose to see mine through a camera lens.

This blog is a collection of things that I see, appreciate, as well as find inspiration from.  There is always a way to see beauty in something simple. You just have to find it.  A lot of these pictures are mine, but some are not.  Sometimes you have to see beauty through someone else’s eyes in order to figure out how to see it through your own.

My first dslr camera is a Canon Rebel T3 and I absolutely LOVE it. I know it’s not the best camera in the world but I still think it’s pretty awesome! I haven’t gotten any better lenses yet so all I’ve been using is my kit lens. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some other ones soon.

Update 2/10/2012: I finally have some new lenses to experiment with! I got a 55-250mm zoom lens. It’s nice for being creepy without appearing to be that creepy. You don’t have to be right in someone’s face to take a picture of them. I also recently purchased the 50mm f/1.8 lens. I have yet to take it out and really get a feel for it but from the few times I have used it, I already love it. It’s probably my new favorite lens!

Update 9/7/2014: Purchased my first wide angle lens earlier this year right before I went to Europe! It’s a Canon EFs 10-22mm f3.5-4.5 lens and it was magical for taking landscape photos while I was on my cruise! I love it! but I think the 50mm is still my favorite.



18 thoughts on “A Little About Me

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  2. you’re doing the same photo challenge as me! only…i suck at it and it’s taking me like 3 months. ha! you take great shots though…a good eye for composition. don’t stop! ever.

    • Thank you! It’s great to hear from other Canon users! Most of my friends and photography role models use Nikon cameras but I’ve always loved Canon.

  3. I’m a Nikon shooter, I also have 50mm 1.8 and it hasn’t left my camera! I love that lens, it’s tack sharp and great in low light shooting. I look forward to seeing more your work!! Happy shooting!

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