One Way

One-way streets make me think of life. If you make a mistake, you can’t really turn around and go straight back but if you’re smart and know your surroundings well enough, you can maneuver the obstacles and intersections in your life to get back on the right track. If not, you could get lost and discover something new, or you could be stuck driving around in circles making the same mistakes over and over.  A lucky few have a life GPS, which I personally consider the Bible (I am aware that many people use lots of other things), that helps get us back on the right path and continually guide us toward our destination.

…and conclude metaphor here. Yes, I’m also aware that there are many kinks and flaws in this metaphor. It’s not perfect. It’s just a thought.

Awkward moment when you enter a one-way street that is also a dead end, if there is such a thing.


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