The Lake

While roadtrippin’ it down to Orlando, we made a stop at this small town seafood restaurant. And I have to say it was one of the best places I’ve ever eaten at. It was pretty hidden though. We had to follow a really long trail of a road until it dead-ended into this lake. It was right next to the highway but you would never know it if you didn’t have Google Map directions because there were no roads that led from the highway straight to the restaurant. You had to drive to the nearest town and then take several local roads (some which I thought were dirt driveways) from there to find it. I’m sure they would get much more business if it were in a more open place but I think one of the beautiful things about it is that its hidden in this calm, quiet, isolated part of the lake, buried in trees and away from lively civilization. We sat outside on the back porch of the restaurant and stared at this sunset view while we ate delicious seafood. And by delicious, I mean DELICIOUS. It was amazing. I think it’s called Acworth Fish Camp in Acworth, Georgia. It was a really laid back place and I had such a great experience there. I highly recommend it!


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