It’s Water Under the Pier

I’ve been dealing with this “water under the bridge” concept a lot these past few weeks as in trying to turn an unpleasant situation into water under the bridge. I’ve got to learn to let go of some things. And people. Or as some might say, “build a bridge and get over it.”

Anyway, in the case of this photo, it’s water under the pier…and I think this relates to me more. I imagine water under a pier to keep washing up every once in awhile. Not all of it flows away and sometimes it washes up really far onto the shore and leaves remnants of whatever was thrown in. Then after one wave  of hurt washes up, it starts to flow back into the sea and I start recovering a little but as everything starts to dry and settle, another wave crashes onto the shore and pushes all that water back up.

This photo was taken at a pier along the Atlantic Coast of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I love the aqua hue that bleeds throughout this photo.

Even so, I’ve learned to be grateful for the pain and hurt that washes up as much as I thank God for the actual beach.  After all, without pain and hurt I wouldn’t be able to appreciate love and happiness as much as I do.


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