An Awkward Moment

I had a really awkward moment one time when I was taking a walk around my neighborhood, camera in hand.  There is a decent sized lake in the middle of my neighborhood but it’s surrounded by houses so there’s no legit way to access the lake publicly so I decided just to walk up a random driveway.  I figured I wouldn’t be doing any harm if I just stood on their driveway and snapped a few photos.  They probably wouldn’t even know I was there. So I set up my camera and took some pictures. There were some cute geese that swam across the lake too, appreciating that warm fall day like I was.  I kept looking around making sure no one was around, and it was pretty empty. No cars had passed by, no one else was out walking around. So I packed up and was ready to continue walking, thinking myself quite stealthy. Then as I take my first step off the driveway, a car comes driving along the road. I assumed it was just a neighbor or someone driving by so I didn’t think anything of it. I smiled and continued walking off the driveway onto the road, and I notice the car slow down, then pull onto the driveway.  They honk at me and wave, making it known to the both of us that I was on their driveway. I think to myself how unlucky I am for picking the one driveway. Of course no other cars drove by and no one else was around. Just that one resident of that one specific house with the driveway I happened to wander onto.  So much for stealthy…

Fun story, eh? Here’s the final photo from that lovely driveway.


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