In Remembrance of IU

All I have to say is that I miss Bloomington, Indiana SO MUCH! Here is a picture of Kilroy’s. I know its not the one from Bloomington but I don’t have a picture of that one. This one is the one in Indianapolis…where Super Bowl XLVI is! I hear the city is decked out in Super Bowl stuff. I wish I could go down there and check it out but alas, I have a real life now and can’t randomly visit places whenever I want to anymore. It’s a shame.

This is an HDR (somewhat) image. I really liked the colors of everything on this building. It had a cool design. I shot this out of the backseat of a moving vehicle so my apologies if the quality isn’t as great as it could be. I did my best! Go HOOSIERS!

Things I miss about college:

  • living away from home
  • getting to wear whatever I want to class
  • somehow fixing up an awesome schedule where my weekends were longer than my school weeks
  • living in an apartment
  • KOK & Brothers
  •  IU School of Ed (I actually loved going to class)
  • going out with friends
  • spring break!
  • taking a walk through a beautiful campus

*Reminisce* what a great four years! Of course IU basketball decides to be awesome AFTER I graduate…


Please tell me what you think! =)

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