From Boredom Comes Pictures

I was incredibly bored tonight and felt like such a bum so I decided to post up some pics I edited this weekend. Not the greatest but it’s always fun to turn a boring picture into something slightly less boring. Anyway, here it goes.

This is at my old elementary school, right next to the 4th and 5th grade playground. It brought back a lot of old memories of jumping off the swings and trying to land as far away as possible without hurting your ankles.  And dramatic elementary school weddings on the playground. Oh, foursquare and tether ball were big then too. So I tried to reflect that “memory” feeling in this picture.

I actually didn’t intend for this to be a serious picture. I shot this out of the back seat of a moving car so I’m pretty surprised at the way it turned out. I wanted to capture the cool, faded “worn out” look of the walls.  For some reason I really liked this scene when we were driving by.

This was taken at the South Bend Chocolate Factory in Indianapolis, the one at that roundabout with the monument in the middle (for those of you who have been to Indy). I got a little tired of standing in an insanely long and slow line on a freezing cold night in a chocolate shop (I don’t even like chocolate) so I whipped out my camera and started annoying people by taking random pictures. It was somewhat uncomfortable. I could feel eyes of judgment upon me but my impatience and irritability covered up any ounce of care that I had at that moment.  Taking pictures helped take the edge off though. And I really liked these lights. They were a nice contrast to the wall color.

I’m not really sure where this ornament came from. It was just on the tree when I was looking at the ornaments one day, but I thought it looked like a cute holiday something-to-do. It reminds me of the Polar Express?

 I’m not sure what to say about this lamp. The colors were really unique and I thought it looked cool so here it is.

And this one is in honor of Chinese New Year yesterday: Year of the Dragon! I was born in the year of the dragon 23 years and 3 months ago so the realization that I’ve been alive for two rounds of the Chinese zodiac made me feel really old. Not experienced and wise, just old.

Well there you are. Hope everyone got a kick out of my brain dumping for today!


2 thoughts on “From Boredom Comes Pictures

    • Thank you! I’m so glad someone likes it because it was super awkward pulling out my camera in front of a bunch of people waiting in a really long, slow line. It was worth it though! I’m really happy with the way the pic turned out.

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