This past weekend I went to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios, Florida.  I’ll admit it was so cool. I felt like a little kid again filled with excitement of exploring another new theme park (granted I also went to Disney and was still as excited as I was 10 years ago). I was literally jumping up and down. You can ask anyone who saw me. I’m sure I looked like an insane little crazy person but OH WELL! Deal with it. It was so much fun walking through the whole place. I wish it was even bigger and included a Quidditch field or the Forbidden Forest or something. I’m sure that would have taken forever to make though. My favorite was probably the ride inside Hogwarts (the one where your feet hang out the bottom and you go though a story/adventure kind of thing). Waiting in that line was actually a lot of fun. You get to see a bunch of scenes and characters from the story. SO WORTH IT!

Here is a photo that I HDRed (Yes, I just used that as a verb.) The buildings were so cool. I felt like I was actually in Hogsmeade waiting in lines to go in stores and everything.

Butterbeer…de. lic. ious.

I had such a great time there. Like I said, I wish it was more than just Hogwarts and Hogsmeade but either way, awesome job to Universal. And props to my guy for taking me there (even tho I did somewhat beg). If you’ve never been there, please go!


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