Here are my first few stabs HDR photography.  I’m still not sure if I like HDR or not but I really like looking at the finished products and comparing it to the individual pictures I used to make them.  Kinda cool!

This first one is in the local Japanese garden. Yes, I know its a little crooked but I got a little lazy and didn’t want to fix it. It probably would have been better if the whole bridge was in sunlight but I kind of like the shadows on the floor of the bridge…

This one is of a house across the street from the garden. I felt really creepy taking these pictures. I was praying that no one would look out the front window and see some random girl taking pictures of their house.

These next to are from a hospital window on the 12th floor.  The pictures may not have matched up because I had to hold the camera in my hands.  I didn’t think I could sneak a tripod past hospital security and not look suspicious. The sunset was so pretty from that high up.

These are a few of the flowers sitting on the window sill. I really liked the colors of the flowers against the backdrop. Again, I had to hold my camera in my hand so the pictures probably don’t match up exactly. I tried my best to hold still though and shoot these quickly before the nurse came in!

This one wasn’t HDR but I thought the sunflare looked really cool.  There were tons of flowers on the window.

This isn’t HDR either but I just thought I’d throw it in. This would look a lot better if the window wasn’t so dirty.  I like the effect that the blinds add though.


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