Fun stuff

“Oh really? I don’t see your name on it!”
I can’t even keep track of how many times I’ve heard people (mostly children) say this in response to “hey that’s my seat” or “I was using that” etc etc etc.

Want a fun idea for the beach, girls? Write your name on your man in sand. All the girls will know he’s yours and they can’t say “I don’t see your name anywhere!” (Knowing girls, though, they may try even harder to get his attention now that they know he’s taken…funny how that works huh?)  Most guys will probably put up a fight (unless he’s trying to impress you), in which case you can just do this while he’s asleep. It’ll give him an awesome tan line of your name too! (Bonus points if he doesn’t know!) Scratching sand off of him might wake him up but sunblock also works!

Don’t worry, dear friends. I got my guy’s permission to write my name on him. And I quickly wiped it off after this picture was taken so no male egos were harmed in the making of this photograph…at least not permanently.

DISCLAIMER: this post was written as a joke out of pure boredom. Guys, I’m not liable if your girl actually tries to do this to you. Just sayin!


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